Payment & Reimbursement Policy


This policy outlines the rules and requirements that are to be followed/met for all payments/reimbursements that are processed within Lynnwood Academy.


Upon receiving a query from an individual regarding training, the administrator will issue a pro forma invoice to the individual. All training payments must be reflected in Lynnwood Academy’s bank account at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the training. Once payment is received, the administrator will issue a tax invoice to the individual.


In the event of a reimbursement for any of the reasons listed below, the individual will be credited for the total training costs. Travel, accommodation, and meal expenses are not considered part of the total training cost unless otherwise stated:

  • Death in the immediate family (death certificate to be provided)
  • Illness or injury (sick note to be provided)
  • Act of God (proof to be provided)

The individual’s account will be credited for the value of the training course and must be utilised within six (6) months of being issued, or it will be forfeited. Should Lynnwood Academy not present the same training as originally applied for within the six (6) months after the credit was issued, they will be given the option to attend any other training to the same value or be reimbursed for the value of the initial payment.

Should Lynnwood Academy cancel or postpone the training, the individual will be given the option of reimbursement or for their account to be credited for the value of the training initially applied for. If an applicant is unable to attend the entire course or does not meet the required 85% attendance, Lynnwood Academy will not issue a certificate and will not reimburse the applicant.

Every reimbursement request is subject to approval and will be processed within 14 working days of receiving all relevant proof. If your reimbursement request is approved, you will receive a credit note within seven (7) business days. If your reimbursement request is rejected, you will be notified.


Riegal du Toit

General Manager